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Spectacular footage: Conquering the Matterhorn

We will take you on a breath-taking ascent of the Matterhorn – thanks to exclusive video footage.

Once in a lifetime: A Gopro and a helicopter camera captures impressions of the ascent of the Matterhorn. (Helmet camera: Nadine Schmid, mountain guide: Fabian Lauber, helicopter camera: Sven Epting, production: Lea Blum)

On 17 July 2015, forty mountaineers from Switzerland, Italy, England and France - the countries that competed against each other in the race for the first ascent - climbed all four ridges of the Matterhorn simultaneously. It was an act of commemoration of the first ascent 150 years ago. On the summit they signed a pact of international friendship.

Mountaineer Nadine Schmid captured her ascent on a helmet camera as she climbed over the hoernli ridge (Hörnligrat) to the peak at 4478 meters together with her mountain guide. Experience the classic ascent close to the action:

The rope team is located beneath a difficult climbing passage at the moseley plate (Moseleyplatte) after they started their tour at the Hoernli hut (Hörnlihütte) base camp at 4 am. This is where the footage starts.

You'll see the ascent past the Solvay hut (Solvayhütte) emergency shelter at 4000 meter...

...And over the shoulder.

Then you'll get a glimpse of the North Face (Nordwand) and the fixed ropes (Fixseile) that lead to the peak - until the rope team finally stands at the very top.

This ceremonious act was captured by a helicopter camera.

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